Playdate Style Parties

I got a phone call a few weeks back asking me if I would be interested in taking a group of girls shopping. I had taken some girls shopping for confirmation outfits recently and really enjoyed the experience, so I gladly jumped at the chance.

I decided to take the job on privately and thus began my journey with a lovely family. A girl who adored her family, her dog and her friends. Turned out I had a whale of a time and learned loads from her and her friends all different personalities and styles that were sure to keep me on my toes. First off was a hot chocolate and a slice of chocolate cake, important before any of us got down to the serious business of shopping. Cue me, “So girls, what is it you girls think I do all day in my job as a stylist!” “Shop till you drop” was the unanimous answer which raised a giggle from everyone.”Really I said? That all you think I do?” “ Wasn’t it all you ever wanted to do” another girl mentioned which caused more laughing. At this point I explained that my job was also to put together photo shoots for magazines, help models get dressed, organise fashion shows( the list is endless). They all preferred the notion of me running around a shopping centre carrying oodles of bags that weren’t even mine! So off we began on our shopping trip, we agreed that t-shirts for each of the girls were in order.

We decided on H&M for our next stop (knowing that they are great for kids t-shirts- phew) and to help me understand these girls I had to find out what they liked. I challenged each of them to pick a t-shirt that described who they were, and what they liked about it. Selected were a dogs motif, girly pink, and one goth inspired tee shirt. We then ran a catwalk show where the girls modeled and basically had a whale of a time in the store. Next was a trip to Clare’s accessories. A treasure trove( albeit expensive) for any girl looking to increase their collection of hairbands, baubles, sunglasses, and glowing nail polish ( Totally cool!) not to mention memorabilia of music bands such as 1D ( that’s one direction- a boy band to anyone going around with blinkers on). Here the girls settled on sunniest( that’s sunglasses 😉 with a cool 1980’s vibe in an array of blinding colours and over the top sizes I remember purchasing myself when I was their age.

So what was the result of this shopping trip? A fun filled 60 minute session which left the girls beaming and who thought me all about what fashion they love, where they go to get it, and without doubt gave me an opportunity to see fashion through the eyes of a 10 year old- which is something you don’t get to experience often enough in my opinion! Thanks girls ..

Glow H&M