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Purge, Purge and more Purge- Wardrobe sins part 1

I could start this blog by listing off all the unspeakable crimes that have been committed into peoples wardrobes but that would appear unprofessional and perhaps limit the amount of new businessĀ I might get šŸ˜‰

However there is a general theme to the wardrobes I have spent time with ( wardrobe whisperer if you will ) the result nearly always being the same So for today I will discuss these areas and if you are nodding your head to pretty much all of it, it might be wise to take time out and assess your own boudoir!


Doesn’t fit – never fit.

Q;Hands up, who done it?!! Answer; we all have!Ā 

There are many reasons why we bought it, mainly because we think these are the prettiest things in our wardrobe, the whole world even. They look lovely ( and deep down we know on someone else) these clothes are most likely made for someone thinner, curvier, taller, smaller – whatever the case. They do not suit you, and this is unlikely to change. The biggest reason here folks? We do not know our body shape. I gave a talk recently in a large multinational and 10% of people put up their hands in response to the ” do you know your body type question”. How are you supposed to buy clothes if you do not know what will flatter your body.

Similar but not the same?(Oh but yes it is really)

Penchant for stripes?, Dotty for denim?, crazy for polkadots?

Do any of you actually know how much of the same thing you have in your wardrobe?? The answer is astounding and in the most part its items we don’t wear that often. I know one lady who has 12 variations of the same dress, but wears 2 of them. Why hang on to the other 10 I ask? STOP buying the same thing over and over. Make a list before you go shopping of the items you DON’t need!Ā We all love stripes, but really 3 or 4 of these is enough isn’t it? We do not need 10 stripey tops and if you have to have them at least explore a few different colour combinations. I have some in different colours and some I wear over denim and others I tuck into skirts. Be inventive!

So hello to beige or grey, formerly known as white or black.


One of the biggest offenders, vests tee shirts, tops that were white or cream or black and now look rather dull. There is NO excuse for this is there??. Each season its not a huge investment to update your basics and remove the dirty looking vests or tops you love wearing and here’s an idea- Stop buying the same thing over and overĀ and invest the money in the basics!

Last but not least for today – my favourite! *Drum roll

“I keep that for work”

Why oh why?

Why Ā must we wear clothes that are redundant to work? So what if you meet no-one! What kind of message does it say about you, about how you view yourself? If I had a euro for every time someone said that to me, I need never look into another wardrobe.

9 times out of ten, the trousers in there are tatty, too big, ill fitting. The tops we wore to death for maybe “going out” and now we are sick of them so what do we do? I know -let’s wear them to work, a place we spend 80% of our time, and most of our lives. If you did no other thing with your wardrobe do yourself a favour and remove the clothes that don’t fit, don’t look tidy and don’t make you feel like you can take on the world!

Watch out for the next installment where I will be discussing such things like, lifestyle versus wardrobe mismatch, hanging onto your youth and totes emosh buying!

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