Dress like you mean business: Part 2 – Autumn Winter has arrived



Dress like you mean business-  Part 2

In my first article I outlined the reasoning behind investing in your work wear, here I will show you how you can take what’s available this season and understand how to package the most important item. YOU!

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Remember that feeling when you went back to school after summer if you had new shoes, a new bag and all new pencil case and notebooks?

Do you want to recreate this feeling again without spending a fortune?

Read on for my guide on how to look stylish for autumn winter in work and where to get affordable wearable versatile value pieces. If you are sick of skinny trousers or feel like adding an affordable suit to your wardrobe then checkout my high street show stoppers.

dmb2 dmb3

Next red jacket €69.00, slim leg trousers €44.00 & Grey embellished top €25.00 Next navy dress €62.00


Where do you start when there are so many choices and opinions on suits these days in the work-place? The suit must be in a cut that suits your shape and always be appropriate to the situation. Certain industries like law, accounting and finance require a more formal colour like black, but in most offices where work smart is the dress-code; opt for check, navy, or a two tone to add a bit of personality to your work-wear. Where you are restricted in terms of colour then invest in cut, and tailoring for added texture and a luxurious feel along with accessories which add colour.

I love this red suit available from next but be careful of wearing all red at work, surveys tell us that red can come across as quite intimidating, so best saved for power meetings and presentations.

Grey accessories will break red.  You could also add a grey tweed jacket or pair a black jacket with the pants making this an incredibly versatile outfit.


A coat should be warm, comfortable and in a neutral colour so it goes over everything. Stick to black only if you have a darker colouring, otherwise a navy or charcoal is a better bet.

Check out this number from Zara at just €139.00. This coat will look great whether you need to wear a suit or work in a more casual work environment, this would look perfect over jeans or pants also.


I always encourage my clients to choose a hard wearing statement handbag. This doesn’t always mean spending 100’s of euros but I would mention you get what you pay for here. Think about the amount of wear and tear you expect your handbag to sustain, Its reasonable that you would spend more on a durable everyday bag then occasion wear bags.

Zara zip pocket black coat €139.00

dmb4                                                    dmb5

                                                                          Massimo Dutti Messenger bag €165.00

Separates are a very important part of your wardrobe and having a range of colours and textures will alter a suit, pair of pants, skirt or a dress.

Mango White sleeved t-shirt   €14.99



& Black crepe baggy trousers €39.99



Mango- €17.99 floral linen blend scarf


dmb8 dmb9

Zara patent slip- on shoe €39.95              Accessorize necklace (online) £12.00

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